Canada's Most Promising StartUp

This week the Globe and Mail and Telus, through it’s annual Small Business Challenge, named Rover Parking as one of Canada’s most promising startups.

See the Globe and Mail Article here.

This isn’t only a tremendous win for Rover, it’s a win for the city of Toronto and Canada as a whole. Why? Because this award helps to acknowledge that parking in Toronto and other cities across Canada needs to be looked at with new, better and more technologically advanced solutions.

Both Toronto and Calgary for example are ranking higher and higher in worldwide polls when it comes to bad parking options, combined with little or no new solutions for parking being put on the table.

Until Now.

Rover simply brings a better solution to the parking problem and Toronto should count itself lucky that it’s the city in which the parking revolution begins.

For those who don’t know Rover Parking, it’s often described as the airBNB or UBER of parking.

This new mobile parking APP from Rover brings a brand new supply of shared, private parking spaces to market that are easy to find, inexpensive and accessible from a few quick taps on any smartphone.

The supply of these new spots comes from individuals or businesses that have driveways or parking spaces that sit empty for hours on end. These spaces are rented out on Rover for an hourly, daily or overnight fee.

The result is significant time and money saved by the consumer while simultaneously creating a positive impact on the environment and injecting some well-deserved cash back into the community.

A congratulations and a thank you to Rover are both well deserved.

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