Car2Go is leaving Toronto. Why Why Why?

Well...when it comes to dealing with the city of Toronto and the support/progress on new technology based initiatives, its seems that it's becoming akin to turning a cruise ship rather than a jet ski .

6 years its taken the city to approval a pilot area for Car2Go to operate. 6 years they have been operating waiting for the city's support on a simple pilot and now with the pilot about to begin, Car2Go has decided to leave Toronto for good.

Can you blame them? Perhaps we should put the 6 years into perspective.

It takes less than 6 years to become a dentist
It takes less than 6 years to get both a B.A and M.B.A.
It takes less than 6 years to become a citizen in most countries...OK maybe this is not totally accurate but you get the point.

So why has it taken so long for an idea the people of the city obviously like and support to get the proper attention from the city of Toronto?

Perhaps its the governmental position/strategy of management by default rather than a more common sense approach of management by exception...which by the way is what most successful and profitable business use to mange their internal operations.

This strategy simply can't continue for Toronto to be a world class city.

With Google/sidewalk labs taking a huge initiative in Toronto, AI leading companies flocking to our city this move by Car2Go may seem odd. Why leave a city when it looks like the good stuff is really just getting started?

Don't know the answer but sooner or later you simply give up on asking a person to dance if they just sit there staring back at you doing nothing.

Bye Car2Go, we here at Rover Parking wish you the best and really hope one day there be a new and better place for you here in Toronto.

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