Is your daily commute killing you?

Try asking one of your closest friends or family members how they feel about their daily commute to work and you will probably get the same “body shuddering” response of hatred and negativity.

Most driving based commuting involves time spent sitting, in a high state of stress for long periods of time. This repetitive behavior on a daily basis can not only affect circulation and brain activity it can also cause blood pressure levels to rise quite significantly.

It could easily be said this is the type of activity may take years of a persons life, literally.

So, why do so many people do it in the same way, over and over?

The answer has to be either lack of choice or lack of knowledge, or a combination of both because there are better ways to approach commuting that are readily available today.

Take Radius Parking from Rover  as an example.

Here’s how Radius Parking works.

With the radius approach, you simply park in private spots, usually people’s driveways or businesses empty spots that are being rented out on Rover, all of which are located outside of the heavily congested areas.By parking in these spots you avoid the stress and time stuck in congestion.

You then travel the last part of the trip, in and out of the congested area via services such as public transit, private ride sharing services or you can even do something completely crazy by today’s standards, bike or walk the rest of the way in to your final destination.

The end result is not only a much more enjoyable commute, but a much healthier approach both physically and mentally.

If this type of approach is available for people to use, hopefully the solution for change is simply lack of awareness.

Maybe it’s time the city or provincial bodies responsible for health care start to think about making these approaches more broadly known. A healthier and happier population is not just good for the cities personality, it’s also good for the provinces “health care” pocketbook.

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