Thanks Google. It's now easier to find parking in Toronto.

Google has just announced a new parking feature for Google Maps called “parking difficulty.” This new parking feature is available in 25 cities outside the U.S., including Toronto, and will let users know what kind of parking situation awaits them at their intended destination.

But is simply finding parking easier really going to make a difference in Toronto?

Yes this technology is a small step forward to help with the parking situation in Toronto and other cities across North America. But to really make this feature more effective Google needs to also add in peer-to-peer/shared spots like those found on Rover Parking, to truly provide better, more affordable, more efficient parking options.

The same old supply with new awareness options likely won’t end up making much of an impact.

Shared spots are not only cheaper but they are often much easier to find and available much more often. Plus, payments can be made directly on your phone, with the ability to extend parking when it is needed. Avoiding both parking tickets and getting towed.

Come on Google. Make real change and offer up more common sense parking solutions. The shared spots are out there, available, waiting to be used. Apps like Rover have the inventory to prove it.

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