Parking in Toronto is NO JOKE

This weekend in Toronto a spoof development proposal was posted on the lawn outside old city hall showing a plan to build a 90+ story residential building and multi-level indoor car park, on top of the recently renovated historical site.

Obviously this was done in an attempt to mock the pace and places at which developments in Toronto are now being proposed.

The one ironic thing about this prank which is not that far off from reality is the overwhelming need in the city for better and more reasonable parking. Building more parking lots like this is obviously not a viable solution to the parking problem.

If this is the case, what is a viable solution? Is the city of Toronto stuck with brutal parking into perpetuity?

Thankfully the answer is NO. There is a better way to park, that impacts both the city and the environment in a very positive way. It’s peer-to-peer or shared parking.

Shared parking services like Rover Parking provide Toronto with a brand new supply of parking that has absolutely no reliance on new infrastructure or capital expenditures from the city. It works by taking driveways or empty spots that are already sitting empty and simply placing cars in them. Yes, its a crazy sounding proposition isn’t it.

Rover Parking’s APP, available on iTunes or Google Play, simply allows the intersection of this new supply of parking to meet up with it’s demand. Creating a better way to park while injecting some extra cash into the hands of those living in the community, which also seems to be not that crazy of an idea.

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