Taking #getTOmoving from good to GREAT

Earlier this week Toronto mayor John Tory launched the #getTOmoving program to help address and combat the ever growing issue in Toronto of traffic congestion.

Many new tactics are being put in place designed to improve the flow of traffic in Toronto. These include Quick Clear squads for the Gardiner Expressway, Traffic Wardens for troubled city intersections, the re-scheduling of non-emergency work that blocks roadways, the sharing of traffic data with Google and the installation of smart traffic lights.

While these are all good tactics to implement, they are by no means great.

Nothing in this list is focused on getting cars out of the city to start with.

A truly great program would also address this concept, addressing the issue at its true origin, the pure amount of vehicular activity occurring in the city.

How can this be done. A great first step could be to partner with parking companies such as Rover Parking. Implementing their concept of Radius Parking would dramatically reduce the amount of vehicles driving in the city, taking the burden of all the items mentioned above.

Towing and ticketing may be great for the city coffers, but are they really going to change behavior?

Why not create new options that are more enjoyable and less expensive for drivers that also address the issue for the city.

A great #getTOmoving program is a win win for all parties involved.

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