We Got This HOT LANE Thing Covered

Yes HOT lanes are coming to Toronto. Here’s why you should care less.

2 shared economy tech start-ups in Toronto have the answer.

The announcement today that Ontario is moving ahead with the next phase of its plan to bring high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes to the province is creating a lot of heartburn amongst Toronto drivers.

Both the QEW and 427 will soon enough have toll lanes requiring those with less than 2 passengers per vehicle to pay for fast lane usage.

Here’s the good news.

There’s already a solution in place for you to not only avoid paying the HOT lane fees, it will actually get you into and out of the city faster and cheaper than what you’re probably already doing.

BlancRide, the carpooling APP and ROVER, the shared parking APP have come together to launch a program in Toronto called HOT POCKETS.

How it works:

The simple explanation, it’s a carpooling with a twist.

BlancRide and ROVER have figured out a way to get you to a carpooling pick up point within key pockets of the city limits, where you can then park and use a carpool to get in and out of the city centre, quickly, cheaply without paying any HOT lane fees.

It’s a simple solution to a very complex and frictional topic.

The specifics:

  1. ROVER is creating 100’s of spots specially designed to support carpooling drop-off’s.
  2. These spots are specifically located just outside the city limits where highway traffic really starts to back up, and where HOV/HOT lanes actually start to become relevant from a congestion, cost and time POV.
  3. These spots are specifically pushed to BlancRide drivers so that there is always an easily accessible carpool ride into and out of the city.
  4. The net cost of this process is approx. 50% less than traditional commute costs into and out of the Toronto city centre with HOT lane fees completely avoided.

This partnership perfectly exemplifies how shared economy companies working together can create a 1 + 1 = 3 solution for the consumer.

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