If you're searching for parking, you're wasting your money.

Looking for traditional parking is costing you over $400 per year according to recent analysis by INRIX, a leading transportation analytics company.

Not knowing where to specifically park and having to pay high prices at parking lots or garages is a significant chunk of this $400, costing more than $20 billion a year or $100 per driver, the report estimated.

Drivers in city centers endure the toughest challenges. In New York City for example, drivers spend an average of 107 hours per year searching for parking, adding up to roughly $2,300 in wasted time, fuel, and emissions per driver, not to mention$4.3 billion in costs to the city annually.

The economy is general is also negatively affected by the bad taste in parking left on consumers. 63% of over 6,000 drivers surveyed reported they avoided driving to go out shopping, for leisure or sports events due to the parking challenges associated with the trips.

Nearly 42% of the respondents also said they missed an appointment, 34% abandoned a trip due to parking issues and 23% experienced serious stress levels or even road rage due to the inability to park.

So with all this being said, what’s a driver to do? Is there a better solution out there?

Canadian start-up Rover Parking thinks so. Rover, often referred to as the airBnB of parking, is providing a brand new supply of parking, made available through the sharing of parking space of personal driveways, businesses, school and churches.

Rover also has a concept called Radius Parking, which is giving drivers the option to park outside of the congested areas, for very affordable rates, and use other modes of transportation for the last few miles that makes a lot more sense both economically and psychologically.

More on Rover Parking Radius Parking strategy can be found here – https://roverparking.com/jump/radius.html

The best part about using Rover Parking is that it makes the parking process easy, fast and convenient. With Rover you know exactly where your going to park before you leave, you don’t need to carry around money as payments are made directly on the mobile app, and if you need more time or are running late you can extend right from your phone.

Give it a try and see for yourself. Parking looks to have a new best friend and it’s name is Rover.

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